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Leading by Example

For the past few weeks we have had the privilege of welcoming the Kindergartners to our classroom for a morning read aloud. We are thrilled to have these older friends come visit us each week. Not only are we hearing new stories, but we also have the chance to make new friends from upstairs and also say hello to older siblings.

We have really become accustomed to having our morning readers, and the Seedlings are beginning to “read” books to each other. They are learning to turn the pages one at a time, show the group the pictures, and are making up their own stories along the way. The children are patient and respectful of their friends and each child has the opportunity to become a leader.

This has been a very exciting learning process and it is so fun to see how much of a difference these young readers from upstairs can make. We would like to thank the Kindergarten class for coming to visit us! This program has brought so much joy to all children (and teachers) involved.

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