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Pre-Primary: Spring fever…

Three little bodies raced across the classroom, the lead child called out “ I’m gonna be the mommy and you be the baby and the big brother!” They tumbled into the Peace corner with one child in the chair and the other two on the floor. One child dragged the little table out of the way, squeezed into the corner and began to bark. The volume of the room was louder than usual. It must be Spring! Socialization and dramatic play begin to rule the classroom.

A teacher walked over to the three friends and reminded them that the Peace corner is a space for one friend who needs a quiet place to be. The three friends were then asked to please use inside voices and find a work. The teacher looked around and asked what work would they like to try together? Each child headed towards a different work. The teacher wrangled the three back in and showed them a few different works that involved some elements of dramatic play, an obvious need for the three of them. The three friends chose the doll care work from Practical Life. They decided on roles and began to care for their new “baby”; they fed and dressed her and talked about their family vacation…to Mexico!

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