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Pre-Primary: A Letter A Day…

Debbie has begun presenting letters at circle. Each day, we see the letter, hear what sound that letter makes, practice sky writing the letter and find words that begin with that letter sound. This exposes the children to letters and their purpose as well as gets them excited about letter lessons with the sandpaper letters.

Debbie shared the letter “m” at circle. Voices called out “M!” Many children made an “mm” or “ma” sound. One friend was called on to identify the letter; he promptly made the sound. Debbie clarified, “That is the sound this letter makes, but what is its name?” Another friend waved their hand frantically in the air. Debbie called on that friend, but before she even finished saying his name he was calling out “M! It’s m!” She laughed and said he was absolutely right. Everyone stood up and traced a giant lowercase m in the air. Children raised their hands and offered words that began with m. Two friends in the class have names that begin with m, siblings with names that begin with m, and even the word mom. The circle was abuzz with the hum of “mmm”.

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