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Pre-Primary: Spring Fever....

As our final months of school roll around, kids feel a surge in energy and the excitement of what comes with warmer weather. Spring brings end of year events, outdoor activities, whispers of summer vacation and summer camp. The longer days and milder temperatures typically allow us to embrace the abundance of energy that appears at this time of year. The children are older and socialize more; this is the time of year for checking their boundaries with adults and peers alike. Modeling and talking about appropriate behavior and treatment of one another occurs daily, if not multiple times a day. We encourage the children to take the time to practice both giving messages and listening to each other.

We try to embrace the extra energy by spending more time outside, special projects/activities in the classroom and opportunities for the children to work with a variety of friends. Games day with Debbie has been focused on playing ball and other outdoor games. Children have been creating 3-D collage in art together and even taking inspiration from one another’s creations. We try to remind the children of all the works in the classroom that are geared towards multiple friends or more imaginative play. Embracing the energy and giving the children the space to use that energy creates a more positive classroom for us all!

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