February 11, 2020

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The Road to Discipline

November 16, 2015

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Seedlings: Teaching Social Graces

September 19, 2019

“We must teach the children the elements of social behavior so their interest is aroused, and as a consequence, their attention directed to these aspects of life.” Maria Montessori


In the Seedlings classroom this year we will be working on refining the skill of kindness and the art of being polite. The young child is looking for consistency in her daily routine. She looks to the adult in the room to help her express her wants and needs. All of the children look to the adults in the classroom to model the polite language for how to ask for space or how to ask for a turn.


One of the first skills we have been working on is respecting one another’s space. This past week we modeled how to use a work mat and how to walk around a work mat. At 1st circle, a teacher gave the presentation of how to use a work mat for all to see. “When a mat is out in front of me, it lets everyone know it is my turn. When you work on a work mat it lets everyone know that it is your turn.” the teacher said during the lesson. After working with a material the teacher returned the work back to the shelf and said,“When we go to wash our hands for snack this morning, you will have a chance to practice walking slowly around the mat.” Each child was then dismissed to go to wash their hands and take a turn walking with their footsteps carefully going around the mat. Our friends were eager and proud to show us their skills of grace and courtesy.



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