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WHOOOO’s Awake at Night?

Learning About Nocturnal Animals at the Audubon!

On a bright, sunny morning 22 kindergarten kids, along with their teachers and parent chaperones boarded the big, yellow school bus for a trip to the Falmouth Audubon. The lesson of the day, ironically, was about the night, or more specifically, nocturnal animals.

The Audubon planned several engaging activities for the kids. We took a beautiful nature walk through the Audubon woods, searching for signs of life. “Look, a squirrel!” “I spy a nest!” and “BEES!!” the children excitedly observed as we meandered along a trail. Our Audubon guide stopped us to show off some pelts of nocturnal animals such as a coyote, fox and skunk. Later, we explored holes in different trees that a bat or other animal might call home in the winter. Moving indoors, the children explored taxidermy animals such as a raccoon, skunk, owl and bat and engaged in an art project creating paper bats and skunks.

Too soon, our time at the Audubon ended and we were traveling back to school on the big yellow school bus. Judging by the tired, happy faces aboard, a wonderful time was had by all!

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